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Studio Scale  Imperator Class Star Destroyer

If you have seen the Star Wars Rogue One trailer then at about 43 seconds into it you will see a remarkable shot of an Imperial Star Destroyer this has inspired us to reach into the past when ILM created massive models for the movies. Using the latest consumer level 3d printing technology as well as 3d routing and lazer technology we will recreate a studio scale model from digital source material. Follow our build progress on this stunning scale model recreated with startling levels of detail. At over 7' or 231cm in length this scale model should prove to be one impressive sight.  








Drive Section

Phase I

Phase I Consist of the drive section of the Star Destroyer this will require three main engines and four secondary engines plus mounting area Phase I

  Head Section

Phase II

Phase II will focus on the head section with the bridge and shield generators being the parts completed.  Phase II


Phase III 

Phase III will focus on the superstructure section of the Star Destroyer in cluding the neck.

Phase III

Hanger Bays

Phase IV

Phase IV will focus on the trech sections as well as the landing bays and the upper and underhull details Phase IV






Phase V

Phase V will focus on the main hull of the Star Destroyer  Phase V










Rogue One Pose

Phase VI

Phase VI will foucus on electronics and lighting.

ase VI